Our Professional Staff

Our Professional Staff

At Via Elegante in Tucson and Sierra Vista, our professional staff is the foundation of our nursing home community. Our directors and caregivers receive continuing education and we focus our education on the current needs of each community and our current residents.

Our home-like environment, combined with unique 12.5 hour caregiver shifts and the consistency of the same caregivers working in the same house, allows our caregivers to form loving bonds with their residents. We also schedule all our caregivers to either work on a Saturday or a Sunday to allow for consistency of care on the weekends. This is quite different than most communities that typically schedule a weekend “Baylor shift", or schedule the newer, less trained staff members on the weekend.

Our caregivers do not wear medical scrubs like you would see in many nursing homes or other medical environments. Although we adhere to all of the Department of Health Services standards for Directed Care, we strive not to appear sterile or clinical in nature like a nursing home. We are a family- friendly environment and we encourage our families to visit whenever they like. We even give our family members a key to the house and invite them to stay for meals or overnight if they would like.

Also, when one of our residents is nearing the end of their journey, they do not have to be moved to a nursing home or hospital and can receive all the benefits of hospice care in our homes. Via Elegante Tucson and Sierra Vista works closely with all of the local area hospice organizations and our caregivers are experienced with providing gentle, attentive comfort care for their hospice residents.