Personalized, coordinated and unique care

I would highly recommend Via Elegante Assisted Living homes as one of the best places for clients who would benefit from personalized, coordinated, and unique care. I have clients at two of the homes and see first hand the individualized care they receive. These clients have different care requirements and each client has received the care specifically tailored to their diverse needs. As a Care Manager, I know that good communication with nursing and caregivers is vital–and Via Elegante excels at this. The timely communication regarding changes in clients’ health status is one of the things I appreciate most and has enabled me to provide appropriate care to my clients and their families. As a Care Manager, I advocate for the highest quality of life for my clients, and Via Elegante has provided this. The staff, nursing, and caregivers go “above and beyond the call of duty” to demontrate a high level of skill, empathy, and care. Via Elegante provides an environment that both allows increased attention and care, as well as privacy and autonomy only available in this specialized setting. My clients are fortunate to reside at Via Elegante. — Debra McPherson, RN, Certified Geritric Care Manager, Licensed Fiduciary