I immediately got a comfortable, warm and fuzzy feeling…

Lindsay, the first person I met there, came across to me as someone that genuinely cared about the well-being of the residents. And as she guided me on a tour of the home I immediately got a comfortable, warm and fuzzy feeling—something I never felt on any of the many tours at other facilities. Another thing that impresses me about your home is that Andy is on premises on a daily basis, as well as his daily visits to the residents. Andy and Lindsay’s willingness to immediately address any concerns or requests also is very impressive. Your home feels like a home and not a facility. I looked at many facilities prior to finding this home and I know for a fact that I would not have anywhere near the good feelings about them as I do about Via Elegante. I directly attribute my mother’s short adjustment to 1% her being a tough old bird and 99% to the staff due to their willingness to bend over backwards to help her feel comfortable and at home. To me it appears that they have a genuine feeling of caring about her well-being, as well as the other residents. Again, many thanks to Andy, Lindsay, and the excellent caregivers.

— Warren