Via Elegante's COVID 19 Response

Since late February 2020, Via Elegante’s response to COVID-19 has been proactive and precautionary. Our unique home-like environments have allowed us to keep residents socially distant but not socially isolated from their friends and family. Daily video-chats, window-visits, and activities keep spirits high and contribute to our goal of making life meaningful for everyone in our community. (Check out our activities calendar here and some great pictures from our fun events here).

We’ve also come to realize how difficult these circumstances are on the loved ones of our residents.  In addition to our weekly health and wellness updates specific to your loved ones, we have been, and will continue to communicate openly.  Whether this means regular updates on changes related to COVID-19, new holiday plans, car parades, or visitation solutions. We understand how important this is and make every effort to keep you connected and in the loop.

Our Caregivers have also been at the heart of our approach.  Starting in March, we immediately enacted a $3/hr pay differential. Not only has this helped keep our staff happy and thriving during this challenging period, it has also helped attract some of Southern Arizona’s top caregiving talent to our team.  As part of this, we have requested our staff practice social isolation when not at work. Their response has been overwhelming and it has been amazing to see them understand the gravity of the situation and the important role they play.

Finally, we have been in continued communications with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS) to ensure our continued compliance with operational guidelines.  We plan to continue to test our staff and residents regularly and as needed throughout this pandemic.

As we look forward, although visitation is still restricted, we are now accepting new residents to our community. We have developed a system that includes a stay in our new, separate admission homes in Tucson and Sierra Vista to helps to ease the transition to our new environment.

We really appreciate all of the support from our families, residents, and our amazing professional caregiving staff. For more information or to schedule a tour Click Here for Tucson Foothills, Click Here for Sierra Vista, Click Here for Tucson Mountains.