Memory Care Facility Sierra Vista and Tucson, AZ Trust

Our Philosophy on Memory Care

At Via Elegante, we believe that a majority of people who require memory care do better in our residential environment than in typical nursing home environments, behavioral care environments, or specialized facilities where all residents require memory care.

We have found that our integrated environment works extremely well for both alert residents and residents with memory care needs. Residents that only need help with physical activities of daily living, tend to be thankful that they “still have their mind” even though their body has failed them. They are compassionate and helpful with the residents who need reminders and redirection.

Residents that require memory care are stimulated and enriched by frequent interaction with their alert neighbors. They are able to continue enjoying simple conversation and recreational activities adapted to their level of capability.

Our smaller environment, combined with our full-time Health Director and consistent care giving staff, allows us to work closely with the resident, their family the resident representative, and the physician to ensure that the resident’s medications are working as well as they can and are as minimal as possible. Generally, our residents can safely wander in their home and in our secure backyards. All our homes have beautiful, peaceful outdoor areas with walking paths that loop , without confusing dead ends.

Our memory care residents are generally more comfortable and less confused in our smaller home environment. However, if any of our residents become a danger to themselves or others or they become too disruptive to the quality of life of other residents in the home, we will work closely with the representative and the physician to either help them safely stay at Via Elegante with additional interventions, or assist with finding a more suitable environment such as a behavioral care or advanced memory care community.

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