Via Elegante is simply amazing

“Via Elegante is simply amazing. The community director, Ken, has been a pleasure to work with. He takes pride in the quality and level of care that is provided to the residents. Ken did an excellent job in providing an overview of the facility, the operations and staff. He is incredibly responsive and goes the extra mile to help out. Ken has made a very difficult situation as simple as possible.

The facility itself is just lovely – nestled in the mountains with some of the most beautiful views in all of Tucson. It is clean and well kept. It almost seems like an elegant bed and breakfast.

I am confident in the level of care that my loved one will receive as part of the Via Elegante family.”

— Carla S

The Most Kind and Loving People I’d Ever Met

“The first time I set foot inside the doors of Via Elegante was to take a tour to move my dad there. I was greeted with some of the most kind and loving people I’d ever met. The atmosphere was so warm and inviting and very clean. Each staff member was so welcoming and cheerful. I could tell, immediately, they weren’t just there because it was a job, but because they were passionate about the residents. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that this was the perfect place for my dad. When I moved him from California to Via Elegante we were greeted outside before even getting out of the car. Each staff member welcomed my dad with open arms. They went above and beyond to make sure all my dad’s needs were met and they did it with a happy heart.

Although my dad didn’t participate in all the activities, and there were many, he really enjoyed singing during music time. My dad passed away eight short days later and I can’t express how much love and compassion that was shown toward me by each staff member. Although it’s been a year since my dad’s passing I enjoy stopping by to say hi because I feel a connection with each of them that I will always treasure and hold close to my heart. I enjoy visiting with some of the residents from time to time that befriended my dad during his time there. Each of them are so precious and special to me. I will never be able to fully express my gratitude to Anne and the staff at Via Elegante for all their love, kindness, and compassion they showed me and my precious dad. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. God Bless”

— Christina E.

Via Elegante is top notch!

“The staff and management at Via Elegante is top notch! Very understanding and kind even when the patient (my dad) isn’t in a good frame of mind. It is a comfort to know he is well cared for regardless of his mood.”

— Tom G.

Thank you for the love and excellent care that you provided to Mom

Dear Caregivers and Administrative Staff of Via Elegante,

Thank you for the love and excellent care that you provided to Mom, Lorraine, during the last year of her earthly journey.

You were patient and kind to her, even during those times when she didn’t seem to deserve it. You took care of her basic needs with compassion and were pleasant to her at a difficult time of her life. You were there to comfort her and to hold her hand as she passed from this life into the next.

As you may have learned from your conversations with her, she enjoyed a rich and rewarding life until her declining mental and physical health took their toll, at which time you stepped in and gave her the care and comfort she needed.

You were always professional, but beyond that you were loving and caring toward Mom and for that we thank you.


P.S. Enclosed, for any who are interested, is a copy of her life story as given at her funeral.

They truly treated us all like family. It wasn’t just a cliché…

My dear mother-in-law spent her last five weeks at one of their homes when we were not able to keep her with us during that time. We couldn’t have asked for a better situation considering she wanted to be at home.

They truly met her needs and that of the family in a loving and professional way, but with compassion, and truly treated us all like family. It wasn’t just a cliché.


We wanted to express our greatest appreciation for the loving care

We wanted to express our greatest appreciation for the loving care you give Nancy. It’s wonderful to see how she has adjusted to her surroundings and now even looks forward to her card games! How you ever managed to get her into a shower is beyond me (I tried for over 2 yrs). I often note on our visits how fresh her hair smells, and the team of caregivers are always well informed of her “needs”.It’s also wonderful how your medical staff has her medicine to just the right dosages. She recognizes my husband and I, but is not so anxious, so visits are much nicer.

We continue to recommend your facility for its quality care and high standards. Thank you!

– Sincerely, Ken Allen

We would not hesitate to recommend your facility to friends and family

This note of appreciation comes long overdue, but with the same gratefulness we felt two months ago. In December of 2015, we found ourselves in a difficult situation. We were in FL visiting my father who was moved into an Assisted Living in October 2015, following two hospital stays. At that time the Hospitalist at Martin Memorial recommended Hospice. He strongly encouraged us to move our dad nearer to family. While all our siblings offered to move him, the final decision fell on us. With little time to make housing and flight arrangements and with few options that fit our criteria for my father’s move across country, I called and spoke with Ira Branson at the Sierra Vista, Via Elegante. Over the course of days, Ira made herself available for phone calls, questions, and walked us through every facet of what a move to AZ would entail. She is appreciated beyond words.

We cannot thank you enough for employees like Ira. To us she will always be the face of Via Elegante, Sierra Vista. Her graciousness to us and willingness to go the extra mile to accommodate the needs of our family is a gift we will remember always. We also know that because of staff like Ira, we would not hesitate to recommend your facility to friends and family who may, in the future, find themselves in a similar position.

– Whitney

What a perfect choice and what a beautiful difference

I am so grateful that Rhonda chose to move her mother into Via Elegante. Thank you for your commitment to being the best of the best and I look forward to ongoing collaboration.

What a perfect choice and what a beautiful difference Via Elegante has made for the family and Mom.

Beyond the many amenities and serenity of the homes, the Via Elegante team went above and beyond to welcome, transition and increase enrichment in her life after many years of living alone in her home. The higher level of care, excellence and caring hospitality brought a true spark back into her daily life. Both the family and I are grateful to see her living & beginning to thrive in such a genuinely compassionate caring environment. As a professional who assists many families with finding best care options, I am consistently impressed with the beautiful, yet home-like environment, the distinctive amenities, the cheerful, well-trained staff and the extra caring touches that Via Elegante offers. Such a happy new chapter for her & her family. Thanks to you & the Via Elegante Team!

— Tari Muir, M.A. Gerontologist | ProAging Solutions, LLC

My sincere appreciation to the Via Elegante’ staff

On behalf of my Mom and myself, Please extend my sincere appreciation to the Via Elegante’ staff and family. Both of us have been embraced by the entire community during a difficult trial with Martha’s health in recent weeks. To know that Mom is receiving quality care and assistance that far exceeds my expectations is priceless and heartwarming.

The community and family environment gives me the strength, support and peace of mind to get through whatever occurs from day to day. We could not have found a more caring team and we thank all of you so very much.

— Warm regards, Peggy Mitchell

Outstanding level of care

My father is a resident in the Galleria home. Earlier this month, I had the chance to visit with my Dad. I live out of state so I can’t get to Tucson as much as I’d like. Although I had only a few short days there, I was delighted to see the outstanding level of care he is receiving. The facilities and the staff are just what he needs! The home-like atmosphere is very comfortable and the small scale assures that the residents get the care they need and deserve.

— Maggie

Assisted Living Done Right

Everything you read about on the Via Elegante web site is not only truthful but also better in person. The accommodations; the food; and the activity programs…all surpass their descriptions. My father spent the last six weeks of his life at Via Elegante in Tucson. The compassionate care that he received 24/7 was extraordinary. He never lacked for personal attention and his medical care was directed by professionals on staff and always available. When the time came for in home hospice care, the transition was seamless. The Via Elegante staff worked together with the hospice care nurses to make sure that my father was comfortable and pain free. He was able to stay in his comfortable room at Via Elegante, surrounded by caregivers he trusted, and family he loved right up until the end of his life.

— Eileen Weizenbaum

Acknowledging your efforts

Thank you for processing Ms. S’s refund as quickly as you did. More importantly, I wanted to acknowledge the efforts of you, your staff, Mischa, Javier and everyone else who dedicated themselves to Ms. S’s care and maintenance. I know that this was a difficult case and I had hoped that Ms. S would thrive upon her arrival at Via Elegante but I think she was just tired of fighting and struggling. The surgery that she elected to have which led to her admission was extremely difficult on her. Despite the difficulties, your staff acted with tremendous compassion and concern and made her last few months far more pleasant than they would have been in any other residence. Again, many thanks and best wishes to all of you.

— C. A. S. Personal Representative

A positive experience for our entire family

My mom has been residing at Via since June and I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased I am. I always promised my mom that I would never ask her to move or move her to an assisted living home. She always wanted to stay in her home and she did have the financial resources in order to do so. However, my mom’s health began declining for the past year and some difficult decisions had to be made. She lived alone and very quickly we learned that once you need more than 5-6 hours of care a day, it is extremely difficult to find help without utilizing a service. The problem is she was spending $20/hour to have someone sit there and basically “watch” her a majority of the time. She and I felt that it was becoming a big waste of money. We thought if she could only share the care with others it would make more sense. Well, that is exactly what we found we could achieve at Via Elegante. The home, suites and surroundings are beautiful so my mom decided to give Via a try. She now feels it was the best decision she ever made. But the best part is that my mom is not only happy; she is thriving. In four months, her mental acuity has returned, her strength is increasing and she is feeling healthier. I do believe that three good meals, proper medication administration, strength trainers that come to her, and activities have helped her achieve this improvement in her health. My mom loves it, because she notices the difference in her health as well. She feels safe, comfortable and all her needs are met. She can socialize when she wants and she can have peace and quiet in her beautiful suite when feels like it as well. I love it, because I know she is safe and has someone 24 hours/day to help her with absolutely anything. So thank you to the staff and management at Via. What we thought would be a difficult adjustment, has instead become a positive experience for our entire family.

— Vanessa Reagan

I will definitely recommend your facility!

I appreciated the considerable efforts of your team to help my grandmother be happy and comfortable at Via Elegante. I know that she wasn’t easy to please and that the transition was difficult for her, but I feel her last days were easier and even pleasurable and that is what I wished for her. I will definitely recommend your facility to anyone who has need of your services.

— Cathy

I immediately got a comfortable, warm and fuzzy feeling…

Lindsay, the first person I met there, came across to me as someone that genuinely cared about the well-being of the residents. And as she guided me on a tour of the home I immediately got a comfortable, warm and fuzzy feeling—something I never felt on any of the many tours at other facilities. Another thing that impresses me about your home is that Andy is on premises on a daily basis, as well as his daily visits to the residents. Andy and Lindsay’s willingness to immediately address any concerns or requests also is very impressive.

Your home feels like a home and not a facility. I looked at many facilities prior to finding this home and I know for a fact that I would not have anywhere near the good feelings about them as I do about Via Elegante. I directly attribute my mother’s short adjustment to 1% her being a tough old bird and 99% to the staff due to their willingness to bend over backwards to help her feel comfortable and at home. To me it appears that they have a genuine feeling of caring about her well-being, as well as the other residents.

Again, many thanks to Andy, Lindsay, and the excellent caregivers.

— Warren

Spacious rooms and skilled caregivers

I like Via Elegante because it is both large and small. Large with spacious rooms and skilled caregivers. Small with a limit of ten residents; family size atmosphere. I like the location high above the city lights at night yet close to Northwest hospital and shopping malls and libraries. I moved to Via Elegante after living in a large (over 200 people) community for several years. I can sum up the difference in one brief sentiment, Small is Beautiful.

— Jane

You have selected two extremely effective personnel managers.

I want to take a moment to thank you for the Via Elegante operations. I have been a resident since August 2008. I congratulate you on the capabilities of the facilities and the dedication of the personnel to the requirements of the residents who require long term assisted living care. These can be difficult needs and are well met at Via Elegante.

I would also like to express my appreciation for the managerial setup and staffing. You have selected two extremely effective personnel managers. They allocate their time to individual needs whenever possible. I have been a personal recipient of their help on several occasions.

If you need a reference for potential new residents for Via Elegante, please feel free to have them meet with me.

— Fred

Personalized, coordinated and unique care

I would highly recommend Via Elegante Assisted Living homes as one of the best places for clients who would benefit from personalized, coordinated, and unique care. I have clients at two of the homes and see first hand the individualized care they receive. These clients have different care requirements and each client has received the care specifically tailored to their diverse needs.

As a Care Manager, I know that good communication with nursing and caregivers is vital–and Via Elegante excels at this. The timely communication regarding changes in clients’ health status is one of the things I appreciate most and has enabled me to provide appropriate care to my clients and their families.

As a Care Manager, I advocate for the highest quality of life for my clients, and Via Elegante has provided this. The staff, nursing, and caregivers go “above and beyond the call of duty” to demontrate a high level of skill, empathy, and care. Via Elegante provides an environment that both allows increased attention and care, as well as privacy and autonomy only available in this specialized setting. My clients are fortunate to reside at Via Elegante.

— Debra McPherson, RN, Certified Geritric Care Manager, Licensed Fiduciary

A blessing for Mom and our family

Ya’ll are, and continue to be, a blessing for Mom and our family. It’s your generous and caring spirit that makes Via Elegante a uniquely special place to live. Thank you for everything!

— Suzanne

Excellent and most compassionate care

The family of Mary is very grateful to all of you for the excellent and most compassionate care you gave her over her four years with you. She could not have been in a better place. It takes very special people to deal with those afflicated with dementia. We thank you for all of your patience, love, and compassion.

— John and Elaine

I wouldn’t hesitate to give Via Elegante two thumbs up

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate what you and your staff have done to assist me with my mom. I can’t tell you what a lovely place the Galleria is and the staff has been wonderful. I could walk in any time, day or night, and the place was clean, the residents well taken care of, and the food was excellent. I hope you are still around if my sons need to find a place for me!

I wouldn’t hesitate to give Via Elegante two thumbs up to anyone who is looking for a beautiful facility, great care, and excellent food. I think I mentioned that this is the first place where my mom lived that I had complete peace of mind….I knew she was safe and receiving great care.

Again, thank you to you and all of your staff.

— Gail

Via Elegante stood out head and shoulders above the rest

When I was touring facilities for the best place for Jane to live, Via Elegante stood out head and shoulders above the rest. I just knew it would be a good fit for her. That initial impression has held true through five years. The art program is particularly vital to Jane’s well being. What genius to have an art show and benefit at Via Elegante. It has given Jane such pride to have her art work admired again.

— Gwyned

My grandma truly loved it there, which gave me great comfort

I will tell you the one thing my uncle did right and well was find you, your staff and the wonderful home my grandmother spent her last few months of her life. She truly loved it there which gave me great comfort. Yvette and Martell are wonderful. They knew my grandmother’s likes and dislikes (i.e. that she liked 2 sugars in her coffee). These little things made such a difference in the months of her life. They just knew her and genuinely cared about her. I will be eternally grateful to you and your team for bringing happiness to my grandmother in her last few months and days. In the last few months of her life, I did a combination of visiting her in the hospital and the house there. I will have nothing but fond memories of the times we spent together there. Please give my best and eternal thanks to Yvette and Martell (especially Martell who my grandmother was especially fond of…).

— Kristin