FAQs: Assisted Living in Tucson and Sierra Vista, AZ

Via Elegante is perfectly suited to support individuals who need assistance with most daily activities. Our residents are typically those who have stopped driving and appreciate the availability of someone to assist with medications, and daily routines such as dressing, showering, meals, housekeeping, and laundry. 

With four Assisted Living and Memory Care Home Communities located in Southern Arizona, Via Elegante offers a comprehensive range of services appropriate for all budgets. Our pricing is all-inclusive meaning if the care needs of your loved ones grow, the price you pay does not increase as a result. Instead, prices vary according to room amenities such as size or access to courtyards. This means everyone is provided the same level of care no matter what room they choose.

Typically, our private rooms range in price from $6,000 to $10,000 per month, while our semi-private rooms range from $4,000 to $6,000 per month. We routinely work with Long-Term Care insurance providers and for those who qualify, we also accept ALTCS (Arizona Medicaid) at most of our communities. This means there are always options if you run out of money and do not want to move to a different community.

Please call us for specific information as pricing and availability varies for each of our communities.

At Via Elegante, we foster a unique approach to Memory Care and Assisted Living. Instead of confining memory care residents to separate "lock-down" facilities, we've designed our communities to securely house both assisted living and memory care residents together. We've seen firsthand the value of this setting in its ability to create a fully inclusive and dignified environment for all our residents. Please note, to ensure tranquility and harmony within our homes, we do not accommodate residents prone to violent or disruptive behaviors.

Maintaining independence and staying at home is a universal desire. However, managing the logistics of consistent at-home care can be a challenge. Moreover, isolation faced by homebound individuals can exacerbate problems. We recommend suggesting a 30-day trial period in assisted living, given that most Arizona Assisted Living facilities offer month-to-month leases. The best advice is to keep conversations focused on a short-term decision as opposed to a decision about life-long commitments. We generally tell people that the first 100 hours of the move are the hardest and then we work to complete the transition within the following 100 days. After about 100 days, you and your loved one should have a clear understanding of whether assisted living is the right choice for them.

Residents in our communities live in bedrooms, not apartments.  Our facilities are specifically designed as homes with both living rooms and dining rooms.  While residents are encouraged to spend time outside of their bedrooms, they have the freedom to be as social and active as they wish.  

With daily activities, social events, and all care needs met, our primary goal is to offer the stability needed to let both residents and their families become families again, without the distractions of needing to make sure all daily needs of their loved ones are met.  In doing this, we foster opportunities to relax, reminisce and make new friends with others who are going through similar life changes.  

At Via Elegante, we recognize pets are like family members and understand their role in providing support and familiarity.  Pets are allowed in private rooms (subject to size and behavior) for an additional fee to cover feeding and cleanup. Please note pets are not permitted in shared rooms. 

Our professional caregivers are state-certified, and we take pride in paying some of the highest wages in the industry.  As a result, our communities are staffed with professional caregivers in a consistent supportive environment.  We also staff in 12.5-hour shifts to ensure continuity of care with minimal personnel changes. As a result, both our residents and caregivers are able to form strong bonds with each other, contributing to better clinical outcomes.

Our proactive and responsive communication approach ensures families stay informed about their loved ones' day-to-day experiences. As part of this, caregivers prepare daily shift summaries that cover the highlights and challenges of each resident's day.  At the end of the week, these summaries are emailed to family members giving them an opportunity to see firsthand, shift by shift, how every day was for their loved one.  Our clinical team also communicates essential observations to residents' doctors and their families, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

At Via Elegante, we offer an extensive range of community activities under the direction of our Life Enhancement Director. These activities are designed to foster engagement, stimulate interests, and cultivate meaningful friendships within the community. With music performances by local artists, pet therapy sessions, chair exercises, and special events, our activity program caters to diverse interests and abilities.  Our community's size and design also make attending these activities conveniently accessible for all residents and we take pride in our never-ending commitment to enhance our families' lives.  

Via Elegante's campus is a one-story building with no steps or elevators and was designed specifically with Assisted Living and Memory Care residents in mind. We've found that residents requiring assistance with daily activities or memory care needs typically do not require personal kitchens. As a result, our approach has been to design our communities more like homes rather than apartments.

Each secure community is segmented into smaller, home-like units staffed consistently, with ample outdoor space. As part of our tailored care approach, all services are provided within the comfort of a resident's bedroom, rather than an apartment setting.

While residents have the option to remain in their rooms throughout the day, we encourage everyone to explore our community amenities and form connections with their fellow residents.

Our Executive Chef prepares fresh meals daily using only high-quality ingredients. These meals are served in the great room of each home, allowing residents to dine together in a communal, family-like atmosphere just a few steps away from their rooms.

Moreover, each home features a small kitchen stocked with a variety of both healthy snacks and ice cream. Caregivers assist residents with these snacks as needed. Because we have a dedicated kitchen team, our caregivers are also relieved from cooking duties. This allows them to devote more time and attention to the individual needs of our residents, creating a more personalized care experience.

Via Elegante is locally owned and operated, with leadership teams that prioritize accessibility and communication. Our Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner, Andrew Briefer, along with our Chief Operations Officer, Zach Briefer, are both Arizona Certified Assisted Living Managers. Their expertise and guidance ensure all our communities operate smoothly.

Both Andy and Zach maintain an active role in overseeing operations and are always readily available by phone, email, or in-person.  

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